Group Wellness Trainings:

Maintaining Peace and Balance in Strenuous Contexts

The social workers, students, nurses, doctors, healers, attorneys, and countless others working for justice and sanity in our world courageously (and necessarily) expose themselves to suffering. The caring heart can't help but be immersed in it. As a former attorney for legal aid organizations, I experienced the tremendous weight, stress, and sadness that sometimes comes along with "fighting the good fight." 

I discovered, however, that there is a way to find balance, workability, and wellness in strenuous contexts. I offer collaborative workshops to groups and institutions interested in learning about a new model of wellness: one that is less about what we do externally and more about how we internally align ourselves to "what is."  We can learn how to be present to our experience (including our stress and fears) in a way that cultivates calm, stability, and even joy. With training, we can feel centered even in the most stressful and challenging circumstances. 


My approach is secular in presentation and simultaneously draws on Buddhist philosophy and practice. This workshop is engaging and includes guided exercises, group discussions, writing prompts, and many opportunities for questions and comments. For more on my approach and background, check out my bio.

Pricing and Scheduling

Group training sessions typically last between 90 minutes and two hours. Pricing* depends on the number of participants and the type of organization ($40/person for nonprofits and $90/person for other institutions). Depending on public health recommendations, group trainings can be held in-person for Bay Area organizations, or online via group video conferencing. For more information and to schedule a workshop, please contact me for a free 10-minute consultation.

*If the above listed prices are out of your organization's range due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus, please let me know so we can figure out a sliding scale price that works for you. 

More Resources

Wellness is inextricably linked to the ways in which systemic racism impacts the workforce and organization. To that end, I also offer group workshops on understanding internalized racism. I also offer focused workshops on meditation and mindfulness, which can help improve attention, focus, and overall mental health. Individual one-on-one sessions are also available for more personalized guidance and exploration on these topics and more. 

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