"All the qualities of your natural mind -- peace, openness, relaxation, and clarity -- are present in your mind just as it is. You don't have to do anything different. You don't have to shift or change your awareness. All you have to do while observing your mind is to recognize the qualities it already has."




Group Trainings: Meditation and Mindfulness at the Workplace

Learn how to meditate at the workplace? Hey, why not? Meditation has been shown to have a number of physiological benefits, not to mention help increase focus, attention, and calm even amidst stressful work conditions. But the real gem of meditation is its power to help us relate to and understand our experience. Meditation provides a platform wherein we can not only calm the mind, but also investigate the fear, stress, and worries that so often make us feel off-kilter. Whether we're meditating to decrease stress, or to examine the nature of our experience, some basic meditation instruction can go a long way to create a healthy, adaptable, and joyous mind. 

Though my presentation is secular in language, I draw on my experience and studies as a Buddhist practitioner to teach this workshop (click here to learn more about my background). During meditation and mindfulness workshops you'll be guided to: 

  • Discover the purpose and benefits of meditation;

  • Learn and practice basic meditation techniques to calm and stabilize the mind;

  • Learn and practice basic meditation techniques to investigate the nature of your experience;

  • Engage in exercises, discussions, writing prompts, and other dynamic activities to explore what meditation and mindfulness are (and their distinctions);

  • Explore the implications of what you've learned about meditation and mindfulness in your particular context; and

  • Discover how to set up a regular practice.

Pricing and Scheduling

Group training sessions typically last between 90 minutes and two hours. Pricing* depends on the number of participants and the type of organization ($40/person for nonprofits and $90/person for other institutions). Depending on public health recommendations, group trainings can be held in-person for Bay Area organizations, or online via group video conferencing. For more information and to schedule a workshop, please contact me for a free 10-minute consultation.

*If the above listed prices are out of your organization's range due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus, please let me know so we can figure out a sliding scale price that works for you. 

More Resources

Meditation and mindfulness can be important supports to cultivating overall wellness. To learn about wellness more broadly, consider booking a group wellness training. These are designed to guide participants through a new way of thinking about wellness: one that seeks to align the individual, inwardly and outwardly, to his or her present experience. And, because wellness is inextricably linked to the ways in which systemic racism impacts any workforce and organization, I also offer group workshops on understanding internalized racism.  Individual one-on-one sessions are also available for more personalized guidance and exploration on these topics and more. 

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