• Malika Bouhdili

Need Meditation Instruction? Check Out My New YouTube Channel!

About a month ago, my aunt asked me if I would email her some beginning meditation instruction. Being a bit too lazy to write out all the details, I decided to make her a video! In it, I designed and explained a basic 15-minute meditation practice that would be great for any beginner. Being the sweet encouraging person she is, my aunt recommended I share the video more broadly. So, just like that: a new YouTube Channel was born! Since then, I've added a couple more tutorials, including one on how to meditate with sadness, and another on the Sacred Feminine (what it is and why it matters in meditation). Coming soon will be a two-parter on meditating with anxiety. Though the content is all in my own language, the techniques are greatly inspired by own teachers, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche and Tsoknyi Rinpoche, and the Tibetan Buddhist style of meditation I have learned.

You can find the YouTube Channel and videos by clicking here. I hope they are of benefit!

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